Thank you, Natalya, for being the perfect Midwife we could have dreamt of. For the books and resources, good spirits and stories, drives up the hill and patience for going above and beyond and being a real inspiring woman.  We will miss you!AR
We enjoyed the information and perspective that Natalya gave us.  We felt that she did an excellent job presenting information to build a platform for us to guide our pregnancy.  We are fortunate to have experienced our pregnancy with Natalya as our midwife because she always provided us with alternative information and perspectives while navigating the 500 decisions one must make while pregnant. JH
Natalya was a really great asset to my first birth. Her knowledge and experience surpassed other professionals we were considering, plus her demeanor was really solid— kind, calm and I knew she could handle any situation. Highly recommend!Audrey

Natalya is sensitive and caring. Takes time to make sure she is doing all that is needed and wanted and then some. She always asked us how we felt about the issues we faced, offered info and insight and emphasized that the decision was ours. She helped make our son’s birth all we hoped for. Thanks!Elizabeth

The birth experience is important and, as a midwife myself, I was able to relax knowing that Natalya was there for me before, during, and after my daughter’s birth. She provided me with a safe space, reassurance, and skill which enabled me to stay out of my “midwife head” and just be a birthing woman with trust in her attendant. As someone I trained with, I knew Natalya would do as I asked and therefore be as hands-off as the situation called for but equally I felt confident that should it become necessary she would be more hands-on.Tania

Natalya is a wealth of knowledge. She is calm, flexible, experienced and intelligent. My wife and I were referred to Natalya Lukin by the Sperm Bank of California (TSBC) in Berkeley, California. We knew nothing about IUI before we went in to pick up our sperm vials and had already done one at home insemination on our own. When I asked the staff at the TSBC about tips on how to increase the chances of pregnancy, they said IUI improved chances by 50% and shared Natalya’s phone number with me. We contacted Natalya at “go-time” (with sperm vials in our car on the way home), and she moved mountains to meet us and to educate us about the simple IUI procedures that would take place at our home. Natalya arrived calmly, with the supplies needed and educated me/guided me in being a participant in this intimate experience. AND my wife was pregnant with only 2 IUIs! We felt more than comfortable with Natalya in our home and consider ourselves lucky to have remained friends with her through the years. Erin

Te doy las gracias por tu gran ayuda que me diste en todo momento. Te recordaré. Gracias por todo.Laura

Thank you for being a part of my son’s birth. Your emotional presence and attentiveness to our family’s particular dynamics was very valuable to me and to making the birth a safe and beautiful experience for us all!Sonja

There are few things in life that we hold precious in our memories, the birth of our child is one of them. A home birth makes this recollection even more poignant. To have this sacrosanct event, steeped in to the floor boards and walls of our home provided a foundation of history for our children and ourselves that we all own. My midwives held the space for me to explore and understand the relationship I had with my changing body and the being growing within me. Our home was not usual– we lived in a warehouse that was in a continuous state of construction– but my midwives adapted to our particular situation with humor and understanding. I loved these regular home visits and our conversations, which were given the space to cover the meandering topics that were on my mind, (relationship, money, sibling, and of course the health of the baby and myself). I believe the familiar environment was conducive for the informal exchange which in turn contributed to the confidence and trust that is so crucial to draw upon during the delivery. My husband and daughter participated in the birth and so they too share the pride of the event and its memory. All these small details contributed to my psychological well being and helped prepare the family for the upheaval and integration a new child brings. I am deeply grateful to my midwives for the confidence, support and care they gave me and consequently these memories that I will always cherish.Renu